The Trouble with Talk

Not all talk contributes to solution. In fact, even the most well-intentioned communication can make things worse. Words are that powerful. They can assault or assuage, entrench or enlighten, hurt or heal. Before you lock-n-load your word weapon, consider…

When we’re talking, we’re not listening. Listening is the power position in communication. It’s how we gain information and forge connection that are necessary for resolution and change. Constant output leads to…

Collateral Damage. Unloading rage is irresponsible. Painting people with our assumptions (because we weren’t listening) forces them to defend from our projections. It is a form of red-baiting. It drives away people who were on our side and leads to…

Polarization. When our powerful words reinforce the divide between “us” and “they,” those in power benefit. Divide-and-conquer works…for those in power.

There is a better way. Use Effective Communication to find common ground, unite people, and drive change. Here are some tools to Test Your Talk:

1)       Are you on output fueled by righteous indignation? That can only galvanize polar positions.

2)       Are you telling people what to do, think, or feel? Good luck with that.

3)       Are you demonstrating your message? Actions speak louder than words.

If you seek acceptance, accept.

If you seek peace, act peacefully.

If you want to be heard, listen.

Your passion is a beautiful thing! It is a compass arrow, pointing you to your purpose. Follow it! Just remember: passion for change is not enough to create change. That takes work—perhaps the hardest work of your life—beginning with the inner work of True You.

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