The Upward Spiral

upward spiralThere is always this invisible line.  Above it is positive, uplifting, strengthening.  Below it is negative, depressing, weakening.  Both exist at all times.  Neither is more or less “real” than the other.  There is no neutral.  Everything has an energetic charge, one pole or the other.

In every choice, in every moment, you are always moving things in an upward or downward direction. This is the simple and empowering concept of the Upward Spiral: your health, finances, happiness–every aspect of your life–are getting better or worse in every microsecond, depending on where you choose to direct your focus.

Your choices and habits accumulate, compound, and gain momentum in the direction you choose.  This is great news!  With any moment, with even the tiniest choice, you can change the direction of your life. It’s the little things:  choose water over soft drink; go for a walk at lunch; walk away from, rather than engaging in, gossip.  Then, as these little incremental changes build upon themselves, you get stronger and stronger, your brain ingrains the new habit, and it gets easier and easier to make more supportive choices that point your life upward.

You are caught in a self-perpetuating spiral of experience.  Your moment of power is when you remember the Invisible Line, and decide what your experience will be!

Isn’t it exciting to know that CHANGE IS NOT SUCH A BIG THING!?! Simply do your best in the “little” choices to support your body’s natural drive toward health, wealth and happiness. Momentum will get behind you and you will notice change in no time.

TODAY, ask yourself if there are areas of your life that are trending downward?  How will you reverse the direction today?  Just try to remember the power of the upward spiral as you make choices today.

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