Trust Your “GPS”– 5 Growth Path Signals for Discovering True You

Trust Your “GPS”– 5 Growth Path Signals for Discovering True You

When you were young, soft and psychologically pliable, you were probably shoved into various conformation machines (family, school, work) designed to mitigate your uniqueness. Uniformity, for the sake of being controlled, was paramount. Fitting-in was rewarded. Differences were buffed out so everyone fit into an indistinguishable–and efficient–middle.

This very process disconnected you from the inner wisdom that would guide you to your greatness and happiness.

What you must discover on your own is this: YOUR UNIQUENESS IS YOUR GREATNESS! Yes! Your uniqueness sets you apart. Your uniqueness is your competitive edge, precisely because it can’t be replaced or duplicated. There’s only one True You! Why be like anyone else? Develop and leverage your uniqueness!

Here’s a good place to start. Make the decision–and the effort–to reconnect to your built-in guidance. These 5 indicators point you to the greatest expression of your uniqueness, which is your path to meaning and joy. Once you get in the habit of checking these indicators to inform and reflect your choices, life gets easier, synchronicities abound, and (I’m gonna just say it), MIRACLES HAPPEN! It’s been said (attributed to Einstein, but probably erroneously), “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.” When you follow your built-in GPS, you find flow.

Your True You GPS (Growth Path Signals):

  1. Emotions – Emotions are your friend. They are biochemical messengers signaling that your needs are not being met.
  2. Wants/Aversions – Babies are very clear about what they like and don’t like. As an adult, you can trust your inclinations to ultimately support your growth path. Start simply by learning to sense “Yes” and “No” in your body.
  3. Passions – Often dismissed as “silly” or “unproductive,” the thing you would do if you didn’t have to earn money is probably your most important clue to True You.
  4. Values – What would you fight and even die for? Freedom? Loyalty? Family? Your combination of values is uniquely yours. Name them. Own them.
  5. Strengths/Talents – Just as a fish doesn’t know it’s in water, you are blind to your natural talents and strengths because they come easy. An assessment will help reveal yours (StrengthFinders, VIA, Enneagram).

You might be a little rusty when you begin to reconnect to these abilities, but don’t worry! Remember MIDO—Moving In the Direction Of—and little by little this skill will become easier, more natural, and more reliable. Take advantage of your natural wiring. Let your biology work for you. That’s the Essential Advantage—Bringing True You to Life.

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