When Manifestation Doesn’t Work (Warning: this post contains tough truths)

You did the vision board. You policed your mind for negative thoughts. You did daily 4-minute visualizations.

And still…crickets.  The Universe seems silent in response.  There’s no Maserati. No overflowing bank account.  No perfect partner.

This happens to everyone.  It’s hard and it hurts, but it is also part of the process.  Consider it feedback.  A kind and generous Universe is giving you opportunity and information to clean up your energy.  Here are some things the master manifester looks for:

8 Things We Unknowingly Do Over and Over that Block Health, Wealth, and Happiness

1. Not living in alignment with our word

If you say you’re going to leave at 5, leave at 5.  If you say you’re going to the gym, go to the gym.  Do what you say you’ll do, or don’t say it.  Don’t even think it.  Certainly, don’t write it.  Such vibrational misalignments set you up to negate even your most intentional pronouncements.

2. Clutter

Whether physical, emotional, or mental, clutter blocks the energetic flow.  Look for clutter in your life and attack it.  Clear it out. Make lists.  Get a system.  Get help.

3. Blaming something or someone for our unhappiness

You cannot create the life you want until you take 100% responsibility for the life you have.  This can be a very hard truth to accept, especially if bad things have happened to you.  This equation will help:  E+R=O.  The Event + Your Response = The Outcome.  You may not have had control over the event, but you do have control over your response, and that determines the outcome. If you dislike the outcomes you’ve experienced, change your response.

4. Thinking negative thoughts about money

If you were money, would you want to come to you? If you think money is the cause of your unhappiness, the source of your stress, and the root of your problems, don’t expect more of it.  It’s going to flow to someone who respects it and treats it kindly.

5. Living in “no” instead of “yes”

“No” is an energetic buzz-kill, a door slamming in the face of the Universe, “return to sender” on an unopened gift.  You have no idea how the Universe is going to deliver your heart’s desire.  Keep all routes open.

6. Not taking action

God is the source, but we have the hands and feet.  The Universe can’t do for us, it can only do with us.  We have to do our part.  Get off the couch and into the world.  Take a step.  Get feedback. Adjust.  Take another step.

7. Focusing on what we don’t have rather than on what we have

Remember, what we focus on expands.  Reinforce positive neural networks in your brain by constantly affirming the good things you experience.

8. Thinking that the Law of Attraction isn’t working

The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working.  Everything that is in your life, you attracted.  Your place of power it to figure out why.


Ok, those were some hard truths.  Like ’em or not, now you know.  What are you going to do about it?



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