You are NOT Not Enough

It’s insidious, the chorus of little voices inside our head that tells us to be afraid—be very afraid!—because the world is a big scary place and we are small and powerless. They are the voices of our parents, teachers, doctors, lawyers, advertisers, marketers, commercials, partners, lovers, children, bosses, employees, newscasters, media, neighbors, strangers…jeez, the message of “not enough” is everywhere!

Their intentions were varied, and ultimately, unimportant. Whether they wanted to protect us, or sell to us, or control us, or dominate us, or reduce our perceived threat to them, the result is the same: those voices merged into one that we confuse with our own.

Do you see your True You?

This is a constant struggle for me. Because of the package I came in (girl, small, sometimes sickly) and environment I dropped into (working class, dysfunctional family), I thought I had to compensate for some intrinsic lack by working extra hard and achieving extra lot. This was unsustainable and lead to burnout in my 30s. Everything—health, marriage, career, family—crashed and burned. It was a do-over. I began to rebuild my life on a foundation of truth and love. I discovered tools and support that I lean on every day and, like everyone else in recovery, expect to do so day-by-day for the rest of my life. It takes vigilance and effort, but it’s worth it! My most constant effort is filtering out the voices that don’t serve my truth.

Those voices couldn’t be more wrong. The truth is, you are a powerhouse! Physically, you are comprised of trillions of cells, each with a little power plant inside it. Your body is a miracle of regeneration, driven relentlessly toward healing and wholeness. You are literally made from star dust. Mentally, your brain’s ability to retain and process information far exceeds the combined capacity of every super computer on the planet. Spiritually, you are connected energetically to every living thing that ever was, is or will be. This is True You. You are on a beautiful journey of discovering our power and stepping into it, a little more, day by day.

3 Ways to Live in ENOUGH Today:

1)      Refuse to Rush

You have enough time. “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished,” said Lao Tzu. Rushing is a big red flag that you are running the “not enough” reel in your head.

2)      Make a “Don’t Do” List

Write on it anything you do purely for approval, out of obligation or fear, without love. Welcome what comes into the void when simply withdraw energy and attention from scarcity-based doing-ness.

3)      Bless Every Penny

As you spend money, hold a prayer of gratitude in your heart that you can put this money into the flow to serve others. Recite the exact amount in your mind, and see it flowing far-and-wide to those who need it.

You are fully equipped to enjoy and excel in the life you’ve been given. Take a loving look inside and you will find there is nothing you need or lack to fully express your being. The job is not to do more. The job is to embrace who you are now, where you are now.

How will you move in direction of True You today?

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