Your Brain’s Secrets

I’m going to let you in on some secrets your brain is keeping from you.keeping secrets

Your brain does not always have your best interest in mind. I bet you have some items hanging in your closet that prove that!

You know what else? Your brain thinks it’s the boss of you. Yep.  Isn’t that funny?

And the last thing–and this is the worst—your brain has no heart. Nope. It would like you to believe it can think its way into feeling, but thoughts are not feelings. Feelings are the domain of the heart, and for many of us, heart and brain are not on speaking terms.

In case your brain is listening and starting to get upset, let me be clear: Brain, I love you! Our powerful human brain is capable of so much.  Just one human brain cell can remember roughly 5 times as much information as the Encyclopedia Britannica.  Brain, no one is doubting your awesomeness!

But brain alone CANNOT lead you to happiness, true success, or your highest potential. For that, you’re going to need to harness and direct all of who you are: mind, body and spirit; inner/outer; past, present and future.

ALL that must come together for you to make the most of your one, precious life.

  1. Are you ready to enjoy greater creativity and productivity?
  2. Engage in meaningful work?
  3. Appreciate deeper relationships? Laugh more. Hurt less.
  4. How about better sleep?
  5. Less stress and anxiety?

Let me share with you or your group practical ways to start moving your life in the direction of your dreams now. Our work together may involve leveraging healthy habits, on-purpose planning, or other practices rooted in ancient wisdom combined with modern science.

These are all ways to sort of trick your powerful brain into working for, not against, you.

(Shhhhhh) Brain doesn’t even have to know it.

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