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Liz doesn’t have the answers…but you do!

As a certified and experienced professional coach, Liz is expert at helping you uncover what you don’t know you know. She will tap your innate wisdom so you can see what you’re not seeing. She will hold up your strengths for you to leverage. She will lead you to identify what you really WANT in a situation so you can start claiming it. She will listen carefully, tell you the truth, and hold you accountable so you can move up or move on from wherever you’re stuck. Most importantly, she will help you step more fully into TRUE YOU so that you can bring your gifts to the world and claim your birthright: wellness, purpose and abundance.

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All creative professionals benefit from a little professional support sometimes. Let Liz be your guide through tough times. Get a needed boost. Shorten a transition. Avoid wasted effort. Make lasting positive change. Here are life events made better with coach support:

  • Job transition (promotion, termination, retirement, redirection)
  • Health transition (improvement goals, illness, sleep, nutrition, activity)
  • Relationship transition (entering, exiting)
  • Phase of Life transition (seeking meaning along the way)
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I work with creative professionals (like engineers, lawyers, doctors and architects) who are beginning to feel joyless, trapped and/or disheartened about their future, so that they can pivot into meaningful work.

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Imagine yourself 3 months from today: closer to your dreams, living life more fully, achieving your goals, experiencing more grace and ease along the way. 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Liz will listen for your strengths and challenges, and offer a path to get you where you want to go. This call is completely confidential. There is no charge and it is not a sales call. Together, we seek alignment and explore possibilities for your highest good.

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