Work with Liz

Liz doesn’t have the answers…but you do!

As a certified and experienced professional coach, Liz is expert at listening with a discerning ear to understand your unique challenges and desires, and reflecting back creative solutions that fit your needs.

Whether you seek individual coaching, a speaker/trainer for an upcoming event, or implementation of a hybrid leadership acceleration program to achieve sustainable behavior change in your organization, it’s worth making a call to Liz to explore possibilities.

Liz Garrett is an internationally certified coach, trainer, speaker and author. She specializes in whole-being well-being to help professionals beat burnout and enjoy a meaningful, sustainable, lucrative career.


Podcast and Radio Guesting

Invite Liz into the conversation with audiences who want to get real about claiming health, wealth, and happiness. A warm and approachable guest, she offers practical and unique insights about…

  • How to wake up wanting to go to work.
  • How to find time in your busy day to eat a little better, move a little more, and sleep a little deeper.
  • How to give up busy-ness.
  • How to pivot your career NOW. How to reclaim your brain from digital distraction.
  • How to develop and apply S.Q. (Spiritual Quotient) as a new-decade leader.

Enjoy these sample conversations…

Journaling Towards Discovery with Elizabeth Ellery Journal with Jenny

Our guest. today is photographer, website designer, and fashion industry insider, Elizabeth Ellery, who launched two successful businesses and now uses her skills & intuition to help female entrepreneurs build the perfect personal brand online. As you listen to this podcast episode, you will feel like you're eavesdropping on two best friends discussing how journaling has helped them personally and professionally. How can you use journaling as a catalyst for growth? How does dream  journaling help you manifest your deepest desires? What answers can you find inside of you when you journal?  Join us to hear more about how Liz uses journaling as a tool of discovery into her heart.  Connect with Liz through her website: or on Instagram @elizabeth_ellery If you liked this episode, make sure you subscribe, leave a review, and tell your friends! I would be incredibly grateful. Learn more about my services at my website: Instagram: @jennifer.troester — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

HARVEST The True Story of Alien Abduction Sense of Soul Podcast

One of our favorite episodes yet!!We had the honor of interviewing Gavin Davies with JB Hunt Publishing! Three time best selling world wide author!Podcast, host of The Paranormal Chronicles podcast.His paranormal reports have made national and international news. His investigations presented in book form have sold over 125,000 copies and have been number 1 bestsellers in 7 different countries.Gavin joins us to share with us his newest book, Harvest: the true story of Alien Abduction released Oct 30, 2020. The chilling accounts of a woman from Pembrokeshire in 2009 who believed she was abducted by aliens and the terrifying events that followed. Check out his website! Follow him on Instagram and Facebook! The Paranormal Chronicles! Visit 
Guest Speaker: Using INTENTION to Find the Opportunity in Crisis

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The Resilient Leader

In this pandemic year, Liz is exclusively focused on helping leaders and their teams BOUNCE FORWARD from the challenges of this crisis.

Custom-designed programs powerfully combine neuroscience, emotional intelligence, resilience practices and wellness basics to promote effectively dealing with stress, gaining clarity on a plan forward, showing up as your best self, and staying productively focused.

There is no one-size-fits-all solutions, here! Your needs are important and unique. Talk to Liz about what is possible for you or your organization.

Assessments, training and coaching facilitate deep and sustainable resilience and well-being in leaders as individuals, as well as their teams.

Workplace Workshops

Audiences love Liz’s custom designed events/training/presentations to inform, inspire and implement real change. Set up a call to talk about what your group’s needs. Anything is possible!

Leadership Acceleration

Transformational programming that combines assessments, training, individual coaching, and team or group coaching to achieve new levels of thriving within an organization. Creative solutions delivered over 6 to 12 month timeframe to get desired results.

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Whole-Being Well-Being for the Individual

Beneath the stress and demands of your current life, before the emotional and physical wounds that altered your being, behind the mask you wear to just get through the day, there is the one-and-only True You. Get in touch with your unique gifts and talents, your heart-felt passions. True You is your reason for being. True You is your most valuable personal capital. True You is your competitive advantage.

Explore individual coaching and online self-study options HERE.