Applied Emotional Intelligence

Participants learn to improve how they connect, communicate and collaborate with others, in turn enhancing communication, personal relationships and well-being throughout the organization. Applying the award-winning Genos Emotional Intelligence model to focus on demonstratable behaviors, each session develops a specific set of practical skills to act intelligently with emotions to positively impact decisions, behavior and performance.

Your customized program launches with six highly interactive and impactful 90-minute sessions in which participants explore emotional intelligence as practical application. Individual experience is enhanced by the inclusion of emotional intelligence assessments and debriefs pre and post program. Deep, sustained behavior change is leveraged by customized individual, group or team coaching support that support your desired outcomes.


  • Inspirational, relevant content with practical application
  • Participant engagement through discussion
  • Polls and data that provide Insights
  • Activities that build skill, understanding and application
  • Deep, sustained behavior change is leveraged by customized individual, group or team coaching support that support your desired outcomes.
  • Included: Genos Emotionally Intelligent Workplace Assessments are utilized to turn feedback into customized actionable development steps. Available digitally or via a one-on-one coaching debrief.

Impactful Virtual Experience

Maximizing safety and time, this virtual program is professionally facilitated to ensure consistent engagement. Prework, workbook and additional collateral are integrated into the Sessions. Small group work in breakout rooms creates involvement and ownership. Flexible delivery schedule is customized to your needs.

Participants Experience:

1.Benchmarking: Privately and confidentially benchmark how well participants demonstrate emotionally intelligent behaviors in comparison with others using the Genos emotional intelligence assessment. Completed post Session 1, this assessment provides a gauge on participants’ emotional intelligence in comparison to the world-renowned Genos global benchmark.

2.Personalization: Participants complete a professional digital debrief of their assessment results prior to Session 2 of the program to help personalize what they need from the content. Optionally, a personal coaching debrief session can be included to assist participants in understanding results ad developing a relevant action plan.

3.Participation: Six 90-minute virtual instructor lead learning sessions deliver inspirational content, practical tools, techniques and activities. Participants learn with their peer cohort in close interaction with the facilitator.

4. Embodied Learning: Between sessions, participants are supported in applying these new tools and techniques at work and outside of it to improve how they connect, communicate and influence others in all areas of their life.

Genos Emotionally Intelligent Assessments

I choose the Genos EI model because it is based on observable behaviors which translate into coachable, actionable development steps. Genos is a world-leading provider of emotional intelligence assessments and reports. Their assessments offer a science-based advantage for individuals and teams by measuring workplace behaviors against an award-winning model of emotional intelligence to boost performance and culture. Genos assessments are the only EI reports that offer dual benchmarking.

  1. Against global research, to see how participants or teams sit against worldwide EI standards.
  2. Against your unique organizational expectations, to see how participants or teams sit against EI competencies that colleagues believe are important.

Assessment results are used to equip participants with tools and techniques to build their EI skillset, and ultimately foster exceptional professional and personal outcomes. Implementation is customized to support desired outcomes and ROI:

  • Choose between simple self-assessments or complex multi-level assessments
  • Measure EI against both global benchmarks, and internal expectations.
  • Reports available for individuals or an entire team.
  • Access to interactive digital report and development tools.
  • Easily embed into existing leadership programs.
  • Seamlessly integrate into LMS or other employee management software via API.

Interactive Digital Reports Inspire Learning and Growth

Deliver individual results through Genos Digital for a powerful learning experience. This platform debriefs results and transforms assessment feedback into actionable behaviors. Genos Digital uses interactive content including videos, smart processes, AI, and practical development steps. With this information fast-tracked, those who need a coach can use the de-brief session to focus on bringing their action plan to life.

Group Reports to Develop EI in an Entire Team

Gain insight into the EI of an entire team via group reports which aggregate results of any assessment group, supporting a data driven approach to providing learning and development to groups.

Support EI Development with a Corporate Program

Following the assessment of individuals or an entire team, drive further results with a corporate program that spans leadership, sales and wellbeing. All EI instruments are tailored to specific needs.

Assessment Options Fit Your Needs

Self-Assessment: Measures how well an individual believes they demonstrate emotionally intelligent workplace behaviors, and how important they believe it is to do so.

180 Assessment: Self-assessment, plus feedback from one rater group.

360 Assessment: Self-assessment, plus feedback from multiple rater groups such as managers or peers.

Workplace Assessments: Designed for individuals or teams in any role.

Leadership Assessments: Designed for emerging to established leaders.