Emotional Intelligence – Customized Programming for Your Organization

Emotional Intelligence (EI) models a set of learned skills that help us better perceive, understand and manage emotions in ourselves and in others. These skills are as important as intellect (IQ) in determining success in work and in life. (see The Business Case for EI).

The EI bottom line: because the way we feel influences the quality of our decision making, the behaviors we demonstrate and therefore how we perform overall, EI affects your bottom line.

Emotional Intelligence consistently ranks in the top of in-demand essential (aka “soft”) skills needed in the emerging workplace. Liz offers a comprehensive approach to EI development that encompasses emotional intelligence competencies, social neuroscience, observable/coachable behaviors, and somatic practices, to create sustainable mindset and skillset changes at all levels of workforce.

Three custom-designed programs powerfully combine neuroscience, emotional intelligence, resilience practices and wellness basics to promote effectively dealing with stress, gaining clarity on a plan forward, showing up as your best self, and staying productively focused.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions, here! Your needs are important and unique. Talk to Liz about what is possible for you or your organization. Audiences love Liz’s custom designed events/training/presentations to inform, inspire and implement real change. Set up a call to talk about what your group’s needs. Anything is possible!

Transformational programming combines assessments, training, individual coaching, and team or group coaching to achieve new levels of thriving within an organization. Creative solutions delivered over 6 to 12 month timeframe to get desired results.

Science of Well-Being

Designed to help employees at all levels improve their mental, physical, social and environmental wellbeing, this program is built on the science of embodied behavior change and healthy habit formation.

View details at Science of Well-Being | Embodied Emotional Intelligence (trueyouadvantage.com)

Applied Emotional Intelligence

This workforce-level development program focuses on demonstratable behaviors supported by practical skills to positively impact decisions, behavior and performance.

View details at Applied Emotional Intelligence | Embodied Emotional Intelligence (trueyouadvantage.com)

Leading with Embodied Emotional Intelligence

This high-level leadership development program combines emotional intelligence competencies, social neuroscience, and observable behaviors with somatic practices to “hard wire” emotionally intelligent leadership behaviors that impact people, productivity and profit.

View details at Leading with Embodied EI | Embodied Emotional Intelligence (trueyouadvantage.com)

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