Leading with Embodied Emotional Intelligence

By combining emotional intelligence competencies, social neuroscience, observable behaviors, and somatic practices, “Leading with Embodied Emotional Intelligence” delivers a powerful, interactive leadership learning experience to develop embodied behaviors that express emotional intelligence.

Liz’s equation for embodied Emotional Intelligence

This leadership learning journey instills embodied emotionally intelligent leadership skills and behaviors that are essential for the emerging workplace:

  • Conceptual understanding of Emotional Intelligence competencies
  • Deep understanding of observable behaviors related to the foundational EI competencies
  • Somatic practices to disrupt and replace neural networks that support embodied experience and expression of EI competencies

Participants learn to improve how they connect, communicate and influence others, in turn, enhancing leadership ability, personal relationships and well-being. The Genos Emotional Intelligence model focuses on a set of skills that help leaders act intelligently with their emotions, to enhance their decisions, behavior and performance.

Program content:

  • Six 90-minute virtual instructor-led learning Sessions
  • Professionally facilitated Sessions that include breakout room activities, group discussion, polls and chat
  • A digital workbook to support note-taking, capturing insights and development planning
  • Deep, sustained behavior change is leveraged by customized individual, group or team coaching support that support your desired outcomes.
  • Optional: Genos Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Assessments can be utilized during the program to turn feedback into actionable development steps. Available digitally or provided via a one-on-one coaching debrief.

Session 1: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Discover the Genos International model of emotional intelligence and understand the social neuroscience of emotions and the connections between behavior, performance and decision-making. Review and identify critical emotional intelligence leadership behaviors for participants’ personal development and individual leadership journey.

Session 2: The Aware Leader

Learn how to improve self-awareness to be more intentional in working with others. This Session helps enhance awareness of others and empathy to become more behaviorally agile in your leadership approach. Focus on how you connect, communicate and influence those you lead.

Session 3: The Authentic Leader

Facilitate difficult conversations with openness and finesse. Learn to effectively express emotions in your leadership role and discover a new model for facilitating challenging discussions and performance. Enhance how you connect and build relational trust with others.

Session 4: The Expansive Leader

Discover decision-making that incorporates emotional and moral reasoning. This session uncovers the unique components of emotional reasoning, why it’s essential and practices for doing it well. Learn models, tools, and techniques to lead and make decisions in an expansive way.

Session 5: The Resilient Leader

Develop personal resilience and create a mentally healthy working environment for others. Leaders need to pay attention to the way they manage time, how they behave and continuously improve how they lead others. In this Session, explore triggers and your default behaviors. Identify a range of techniques for managing stress and bouncing back from challenging situations.

Session 6: The Empowering Leader

Inspire performance through persuasion, coaching, and influence. Learn to empower others and unleash their full potential by understanding the fundamentals of human motivation at work. Practice applying a model and conversation on motivational strategies. Reflect on learning from the entire program to build and maintain the momentum of the learning moving forward.

Genos Emotionally Intelligent Assessments

I choose the Genos EI model because it is based on observable behaviors which translate into coachable, actionable development steps. Genos is a world-leading provider of emotional intelligence assessments and reports. Their assessments offer a science-based advantage for individuals and teams by measuring workplace behaviors against an award-winning model of emotional intelligence to boost performance and culture. Genos assessments are the only EI reports that offer dual benchmarking.

  1. Against global research, to see how participants or teams sit against worldwide EI standards.
  2. Against your unique organizational expectations, to see how participants or teams sit against EI competencies that colleagues believe are important.

Assessment results are used to equip participants with tools and techniques to build their EI skillset, and ultimately foster exceptional professional and personal outcomes. Implementation is customized to support desired outcomes and ROI:

  • Choose between simple self-assessments or complex multi-level assessments
  • Measure EI against both global benchmarks, and internal expectations.
  • Reports available for individuals or an entire team.
  • Access to interactive digital report and development tools.
  • Easily embed into existing leadership programs.
  • Seamlessly integrate into LMS or other employee management software via API.

Interactive Digital Reports Inspire Learning and Growth

Deliver individual results through Genos Digital for a powerful learning experience. This platform debriefs results and transforms assessment feedback into actionable behaviors. Genos Digital uses interactive content including videos, smart processes, AI, and practical development steps. With this information fast-tracked, those who need a coach can use the de-brief session to focus on bringing their action plan to life.

Group Reports to Develop EI in an Entire Team

Gain insight into the EI of an entire team via group reports which aggregate results of any assessment group, supporting a data driven approach to providing learning and development to groups.

Support EI Development with a Corporate Program

Following the assessment of individuals or an entire team, drive further results with a corporate program that spans leadership, sales and wellbeing. All EI instruments are tailored to specific needs.

Assessment Options Fit Your Needs

Self-Assessment: Measures how well an individual believes they demonstrate emotionally intelligent workplace behaviors, and how important they believe it is to do so.

180 Assessment: Self-assessment, plus feedback from one rater group.

360 Assessment: Self-assessment, plus feedback from multiple rater groups such as managers or peers.

Workplace Assessments: Designed for individuals or teams in any role.

Leadership Assessments: Designed for emerging to established leaders.